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Let's get right into it...what makes you happy? What would you do if money was part of our society? What would you spend your time doing?


Most people will say " well money exists and is very important" and I would definitely agree with that and I would reply with "why not make money while doing the things you love"? That is where I believe most people make the biggest mistakes in life and later regret it.


Now, I am in no way telling anybody on how to live their life and what to do everyday so this is all just my opinion on what I believe and how I want to live my life. For example, when I first told my parents I wanted to be a professional player and I wanted to leave college to pursue my dream, we had many arguments and fights for years, and I know they wanted the best for me and were trying to protect me but I knew what I wanted to do and it was something with soccer and it was a really tough time for me but I knew, deep down in my heart that this is for me and it is my life so I have to live it on my own terms. I am not saying do not listen to your parents or close friends, those people love you the most and want the best for you so when you are taking a huge risk or big step toward something, they will try to change your mind because they want you to be happy and do not want you disappointed. That is just how life is, the closest people to you are often the ones who tell you not to do something at first, after you go all in and prove to them you have made up your mind, they will support you and back you up. I am so grateful for my parents and the life they have created for me. They worked so hard just so I have a better life, no money in the world could repay them for what they have done for me. They have done so much for me and have taught me everything I know but like I said above, I went against their opinions and decided to do what made me happy. For me, it is better to have a short life, that is full of what you like doing than a long life spent doing things you hate. You have to find what you love doing, work plays a big part in our life, so find what makes you happy and go for it. Over our lifetime, we get so much advice on what to do from so many people but in the end you have to find what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may seem, go for it and trust yourself. When you do find that thing that makes you happy, believe it or not, money will follow because when things get hard, you will keep going because that "thing" is the thing you love doing so you would not give up on it!


You have to be as real as you can to yourself, look yourself in the mirror and see what makes you happy and not because other people are watching or judging you, but what makes you happy because if you do not do this, you will be unhappy living a life you hate.

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