How did I start playing soccer/futbol?

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You inspired me to start blogging so for that I want to say thank you! I am not really sure on how long these will be or what exactly they will be about. I will be writing a blog every week, make sure you make an account on my website ( this website) to be able to comment and interact with me on here and to just keep up with everything going on!


How did I start playing soccer/futbol?


       Alright, let's get into it! My first memory of soccer was in 1994 during the World Cup in the USA. I was 4 years old and my father was watching Bulgaria ( which is where I am originally from and where I was at the time) VS Mexico and the game was tied so they had to go into penalty kicks. Bulgaria ended up winning the game and I remember the commentator was going crazy because this was the first time Bulgaria had gone this far into a World Cup. I was so intrigued by the passion and atmosphere so after the game I had my dad kick a balloon at me and I was acting like I was the goalkeeper saving the penalty kicks. That was my first memory of the game. The following day I asked my father for a ball and since that point, the ball has been my best friend. I remember the first time I tried to juggle and I could not so what I did and what I recommend to everybody who struggles to juggle, is to kick the ball up, let it bounce, and kick it up again, I would do that over and over with both feet until I was able to keep the ball up without letting it bounce AKA juggling! Try it out! I promise it will work! After that, I was inseparable from the game. I joined a team, I would practice all the time, my parents would get mad at me for not eating as I would be outside all day playing!


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