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Hey guys! I hope you had a great week!


So many times in our lives, we are either stressing over things that have happened in the past or worried about what will happen in the future, which means that we forget to live in the moment. How many times have you taken an exam at school and prior to it you were stressing out on how you will do ( the future) ? How many times have you taken the same exam and then started worrying about how well you did on it ( the past)?  Let's put this into soccer terms. Have you had a game or tryout coming up and you were worried about how you will do or how you might not make the team or if you are not prepared? Then as soon as the tryout or game is over, you start to stress and overthink if you made the team or not, is that you? You are not alone, almost all of us do these things but the most important part is catching yourself and trying to live in the moment.




I will share few ways that I try to implement in my life to help me cope with that! When I was younger, I used to care about what people think, I used to be timid, I used to be shy and because of that life, people even your mind takes advantage of you. You start to stress about things that have happened in the past or coming up and I would never be in the moment. What I started to do was every time I caught my self thinking about the future or past, I would take 3 deep breaths and tell my self everything will be okay. Everything has a purpose, all the actions we take lead us to our destination in life. The most important thing is to stay in the moment. When you stay in the moment, that is how you prepare for the test or game that you have coming up. We, as human beings, fill our mind with million things daily and most of these things do not matter at all and we stress and destroy ourselves within because of that.The battles we fight are on the inside. They are in our mind. Be present, enjoy life and be happy with who you are. Be a good, genuine person and follow your passion and dreams.


Life is overwhelming sometimes but just remember, take a deep breath, it will be okay! If you are ever in need of talking to somebody, I am always here for you!


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


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  • Tim

    I have tryouts in August this year and what I decided to do was to start a YouTube channel and record myself how I trained and how I work out I’m going to try my hardest and hope to make it on junior varsity or sophomore thank you for these tips I will use them in the future.

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